The dissemination of the project results is considered essential, to make it applicable to a bigger territorial area and to generalise the designed apps to different users. The first aim of this work package is to achieve the widest dissemination of the technical results of the project within the membership of the consortium, the scientific community and, more important, within the European forestry sector.

In order to achieve this aim, the following objectives are proposed:

• Disseminate the FORCIP+ results broadly among stakeholders of the whole production process.

• Ensure the visibility of FORCIP+ activities and results, and maximize its utilization by the European forestry.

• Ensure follow up on results by the industry to create new economic activity by the improvement of the forest roads networks.

The responsible of this action is Cesefor

The outcomes of this action are:

  • 1 Project website
  • 1 Project brochure in English, printed in 2500 copies
  • 1 complete mailing list; 1 project Facebook profile
  • 3 Newsletters
  • 1 Final conference
  • 1 Poster
PDF icon FORCIP+ Brounche9.97 MB
Package icon FORCIP+ poster1.2 MB
PDF icon Layman report4.79 MB