This project's task works on the partners coordination to achieve the best possible results of the project. It started with a kick*-off meeting held in Brussels, Belgium on January 15th as the first conrortium networking action. This task is ensuring the administrative and financial impelementation of the contract, it must ensure the overall scientific and technical coordination of project activities and the achievement of overall technical and scientific project activities.

The responsible of the task is the Lead Partner, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, and it ends in June 2017.

The deliverables of these task are:

  • A kick-off meeting, mentioned above.
  • The partnership agreement
  • Quality management and Risk assessment procedures
  • Progress reports, including a project plan, action list and milestones payment plan, costs reporting and travels.
  • Minutes of meetings
  • Minutes of scientific project meetings
  • Yearly assessment report
  • Financial report
  • Final project report.