Day 1 - Open seminar

We celebrated on June 7th an Open Seminar focused on Forest data acquisition and management, not only of forest roads but also for any data related to forest resources, infrastructures and equipment.

Access to the seminar -which took place in the PRAE building in Valladolid- was free and involved more than 40 professionals (technicians and...


The Forcip+ Final Conference will be held at Valladolid, Spain, from June 7th until June 9th, with a full agenda for project partners. As part of this meeting, we will celebrate an open seminar:

Open Seminar on Forest data acquisition and management (7th June 2017)

English/Spanish translation

Valladolid, Spain.

Free entrance. 




The last techinical meeting was useful to close final results, review deadlines and prepare the closure of te project.

We discussed on common definition, standardization of types of forest roads, specially on:

  • Development of the database structure for descriptive information necessary to monitor forest roads
  •  Showcase that the standardization of forest roads as well as the structure/entries of...

The 4th technical meeting was hold in Aux en Provence from 3rd to 5th April 2017. The Office National des Forêts, partner of Forcip+ project who manages nearly 5 million hectares of public forests belonging to the French State or to local authorities hosted the event in ENTENTE POUR LA PROTECTION DE LA FORET MEDITERRANEENNE à VALABRE facilities. After the presentation of Entente and local French partners, GNSS impedance attribute study (...


The University of Florence, partner of Forcip+ project, has hosted the 3rd technical meeting of the project between 12th of December 2016. All partners have showed their last results regarding technical tasks, such the grade of development o f the inventories in different regions, problems encountered when collecting field data, geo-process of information, spatial analysis definition an dICT tools development.Regarding this last task, the ONF...


At the 1st meeting in Thessaloniki, the Forcip+ team agreed to have an extra meeting in May 2016 to better monitorize the technical actions, especiall Task B around the Inventory Data model. The meeting was held in the spanish city of Soria, headquarters of Cesefor foundation, and it faced technical sessions and a a field trip for training on forest roads.

The main result of this meeting was the establishment and adoption by all the...

The 1st consortium meeting took place in the city of Thessalonniki, Greece, on February 11th and 12th 2016.

During the sessions, the partners focused on the following issues:

  • Introduction of project partners of FORCIP+. 

  • Report on the results of the Kick off Meeting. 

  • Become familiar with the project objectives. 

  • Establish a detailed...


The European Commission ...