Date: Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The University of Florence, partner of Forcip+ project, has hosted the 3rd technical meeting of the project between 12th of December 2016. All partners have showed their last results regarding technical tasks, such the grade of development o f the inventories in different regions, problems encountered when collecting field data, geo-process of information, spatial analysis definition an dICT tools development.Regarding this last task, the ONF showed the results of their navigation system deployed during the forest fires season in France in 2016, and Cesefor the grade of development of inventories field collection data, desktop updating data and public information system.The lead partner, the University of Thessaloniki, organized the situation of deliverables deadlines and the rest of the project schedule to archieve a final good result in June 2017. The host partner organized a field trip where the rest of partners could visit the Civil Protection Permanent Operative of Tuscany Region, the La Racchetta volunteers association and some pilot areas field data collection where to see the land use fragmentation in Tuscany.